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GoPets friends! Tamago Day is coming up, Sept 29

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GoPets friends! Tamago Day is coming up, Sept 29 Empty GoPets friends! Tamago Day is coming up, Sept 29

Post by Asynjur on Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:45 pm

The 8th annual Tamago Day is coming up next weekend, September 29. We're trying to get some discussion, pictures, what have you, going in the GP FB Facebook group

My blurb in the group, "Find some crazy tamago or GoPets pics!! I love you I can't think of a good way to really have an organized contest. But I'm thinking lets just try to post all kinds of interesting stuff related to tamago or GoPets in this group, any time around Tamago Day, say from Sept 25 to Oct 2. You can search the web, photograph your own try at making tamago or a pic of your tamago outing at a restaurant, for example, or if you still have old GoPets pics, feel free to post any you think are cute or interesting, whether or not they have tamago gear or they're eating tamago, lol. How about tamago haiku? If you want to make a new tamago or GoPets graphic, go for it! Just post anything cute, crazy, anything that will celebrate our favorite game. Heck, even stuff not related to eggs or GoPets is fair game. Just put on your thinking caps, poke around for something fun, and let's try to get the group really active by the end of next week. Very Happy"

Please join the group and join us if you can

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