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Post by MrFritz on Wed Nov 11, 2009 5:37 pm

Long Code
Short Code
Erase Messages
Message to the 3rd party
/me message
Mark yourself away
Mark Yourself away w/ reason /away reason /abs reason
Leaving the ChatBox/exit /abs reason

To type a complicated username

Have you already encontered this situation when you had to talk to a specific member, but you fainted at the idea to type his super-complicated username ? In this case, it's possible to do a copy-paste of the username, but there's a way which is even simpler. You just have to click on the username, in the Online/Absent column and/or where the messages are displayed.

The right-click

Right-clicking a member's username allows you to access to a few features :
Arrow View the member's profile
Arrow Send a PM to this member
Arrow Show yourself as Away (a popup window will ask you to give a reason, it's up to you to fill in this field or not)
Arrow Leave the ChatBox (a popup wiindow will ask you to give a reason, it's up to you to fill in this field or not)

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