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Post by Asynjur Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:44 pm

I've been playing the website version of Here Be Monsters on the computer.

Here's the website

These beginner tips on the wiki are good too

Basic tips for starting the game

Log in daily for better bonuses.

Put your homestead in the tropics.

Don't chop down your Creep Trees!

Save any Starium you pick up!

Use time potions sparingly (usually for Workshop).

Accept friend requests.

Ask for free gift Get Well Soon Cake (good for beginners).

Don't spend your Banknotes yet.

Expanded Starting Tips

* If an item you've acquired isn't being credited to the quest or project, try reloading.

* You can travel to London, your home, your buddies' homes, and your trap (wherever you last left it) without using energy. I'd suggest putting your home in the tropics, the butterflies are worth more than the northern ones.

* You want friends on different continents, to make travel easy. So you will get friend requests, and you can also send them to folk you see in the game. Some people write their homestead location in their profile note, so others can see if that's a place they need to add.

* Poke around your Almanac (book icon). You can search for items by name, see what they are used in, gathered from, made using, where they live, caught with, any relevant info.

* The game makes a big deal about when your trap is ready. So I thought you had to collect every 15 minutes, and if it was later, you still only had 1 chance to get a critter. But no! You can put in a ton of bait and leave it be, come back the next day and have lots of monsters to loot. :0)

* When you place a trap, it will scan for monsters in the area. Click each monster for more info--what kind of trap to use, what bait to use, etc. You can also find the monster info under Trapping in your Almanac.

* Whenever you see something you can pick up, that you haven't gathered before, grab it! You can click several items in a row to be gathered, and your little elf will run around to each one. Info about gathering, trapping, crafting, cooking, etc, is all in your Almanac.

* You can use gathered items as mats, sometimes for quests, but you can also make coins by selling the items you collect to the game. Hover over your backpack icon, to see the sell icon above your pack.

* Most gatherables are not limited, so if you sell something and need it later, you can gather it again. But hang on to Starium! Salt is good to hang on to, too, but Starium in the biggy.

* Sometimes you will collect a whole bush or tree, not just fruit or wood. Bushes, trees, flowering plants, etc, can be planted on your homestead as decoration, to store them there, or to bear fruit.

* You can rearrange buildings, plants, animals, etc, on your homestead. Click the "Tools" icon, and then use the "Move" icon. You can chop down trees and remove the stumps, if you want. But tree can't be easily replaced, and drops something unique--the Creep Tree--so hang on to those.

* You can send and request free gifts every day. To start, it's good to request the Get Well Cake. To send, I'd suggest the Success Potion for folk of higher level, and the Get Well Cake for lower levels--I just alternate what I send to everyone.

* Start farming as soon as possible. Planting a crop you've never planted before gives you XP, and something to eat, cook or sell. I've been planting watermelon and sugar cane, to make watermelon juice which has 52 energy.

* You can fertilize other people's crops once a day, to increase yield. The less said about how, the better, lol. If a crop has been fertilized it will have a rainbow over it, and can't be fertilized again.

* When you get a bite Fishing, you don't need to click on the fish--you can click anywhere in the water to reel in.

If for some reason you want to get a lot of coins when you haven't been playing long, and can't trap trolls yet, catching butterflies in TROPICAL areas and selling them back to the game is your best bet.

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