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Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo!

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Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo! Empty Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo!

Post by GottaSneeze on Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:02 am

Hey all,

"GottaSneeze" here. Dunno how many of you will remember me. I played GoPets from around 2005, then became a moderator and CS/QA agent for GoPets until it closed. I still reminisce about GoPets and miss it. I was thinking about it today, and was doing some 'googling' when this forum came up. Figured I'd share some old screenshots and pictures with you all. Hope you enjoy them and are all well =) Feel free to ask questions if you want to know anything about them... I'll try to check in from time to time to keep up. They start kind of boring with some old things I did on the forums! rofl =)

The "Secret IKU" project I did where I sent items on behalf of other users and some forum hatchers:

More forum hatchers:

Pixel Pets for forum users:

Screenshots/promotional pic and tutorial images:

More tutorial images, GoDance and GoLand:

More tutorial images:

A comic idea that never came to fruition and lots of screen captures of my GoPets for it:

More from the comic idea:

Pictures from the San Francisco GDC, including promotional goodies and the DS game:


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Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo! Empty Re: Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo!

Post by Asynjur on Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:21 am

Welcome! I remember. One of your pets was Achoo, right? Cute photos!

As you can see, it's pretty quiet around here. I only remember to check in once and a while. The forum acts as a signpost, mostly, if you want to find GoPets peeps on Facebook, Twitter, other games, etc, check through the threads. I'd guess 1/3 of my Facebook friends list is GoPets refugees, maybe more!

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Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo! Empty Re: Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo!

Post by Gankaku on Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:34 am

Hey there! Say hi to me on Skype sometimes!!

The second one down: Pixel Pets - I think the first three or four were my pets (not sure of the fourth but ArcaneArkane made that gear). Asynjur, Meowmeowbutt and Doomkitty's pets are there too. *sigh*

I still have my DS game. I could never sell that. The network doesn't work anymore (hooking to server and getting visitors) but you can still pop around your island and play with your created pets.

My GoPets mug handle broke recently. Sad I couldn't bear to throw it out, so I ground down the sharp edges (against some concrete! LOL) and stuck a chicken and hen succulent plant in it. I loves it! My panda mousepad is filthy now but I can't bear to get rid of it. My mouse is on it right now.

I loved seeing your pets and all those pictures.
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Team Player

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Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo! Empty Re: Lots of Old Pics, and a Heylo!

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