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Where are they now?

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Where are they now? Empty Where are they now?

Post by niquae on Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:08 am

I was putting up the thread of MoNimBo's fanart when I thought that it'd be fun - or not - to conjecture where our pets are now and what they are doing.

I'll admit that I felt a pang of sadness when I considered my own pets.

I can imagine tora, my black witch cat, to be wandering across the lands of GoPets alone. I could not see her sister cat or her brother dogs with her. I am worried that they have drifted apart. Although, like as not, Gracie is probably reigning over the lands I left them. jehani, my oldest, is probably off on an adventure. Joey is tagging along to keep his big brother out of trouble.

It'd be neat if we had a mirror through which we can peer into the GoPets world (like Alice in Wonderland) and see all our pets wandering, yawning, sleeping, and stretching around.

Where are your pets? What are they doing?

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Where are they now? Empty Re: Where are they now?

Post by Asynjur on Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:02 pm

Oh, I was doing this from the beginning! Here are some early entries I posted on Facebook:

November 5 - In just a couple days, they say we'll be released into the wild. I'm not too concerned about it. I packed my favorite things in my backpack, and I'm ready to hit the road. I bet there's a lot to explore out there! I thought having a Facebook page might help me keep in touch with friends.

November 6 - I snuck into FooPets and Pet Socieity last night when no one was looking, in my real form, to visit my new pals Changeling and Sprite. They're young and idealistic, while I've become a bit jaded. So it's good to see a fresh perspective! Don't know if I'll ever commit to a permanent home in a new program, but it was nice to chat with them.

November 10 - My Go family has been exploring the magical internet for a day now, unfettered by a program. I'll catch you up on what everyone is doing (see my other updates). I've been hanging out here on Facebook myself, checking out the pets and people. Everyone has been so nice to me!

November 10 - Roshambo and Domino decided to begin with a relaxing vacation. They're kicking back, drinking margaritas on a tropical beach wallpaper of an undisclosed location.

November 10 - Hopscotch has been reading up on her hero, Amelia Earhart. She wants to solve the mystery of Amelia's disappearance, but her research may take a while--she's always been a party animal, and she stayed up all night running rampant through 80's party videos on Youtube.

November 10 - Ouija has so many hobbies, she doesn't know where to start. At the moment she's checking out the pretty tarot decks at aeclectic.net. But she hit some fashion websites last night, right now she's really into retro.

November 10 - Cerberus is checking out some video footage on modern day treasure hunters, and trying to find a place online to horde his cyber goodies. Chimera is perusing some fantasy art and reading up on mythology, she wants to learn more about her namesake.

November 10 - Pesto is happily romping through Martha Stewart's websites. When she decides to set up a home again in another program, she wants to be ready! CJ and Wild Bill are, of course, touring rodeo and fair sites. And Pasta jumped into some Deadliest Catch footage on Hulu; he's having a blast!

November 19 - Time for a quick update on my Go family this week! Frankly, some of us overdid it the first week, taste of freedom and all. So we're having kind of a laid back week.

November 19 - I met up with the girls for a while, Hopscotch, Chimera, Pesto and CJ, to join Ouija in checking out fashion websites. We found some really snooty ones! I confess, at those places we were pointing and giggling a lot. We tried on all kinds of stuff. Chimera and Ouija painted their claws black and decided to go with a go...th look. I'm sticking with my pseudo Annie Hall outfit for now.

November 19 - Cerberus is enjoying his favorite time of year, viewing the fall colors on webcams and photography sites all over the internet. He packed all his favorite clothes, so he's dressed for Thanksgiving, in his Native American feathered head gear and buckskin pants.

November 19 - After an exciting and a bit too fur-raising week on Deadliest Catch, Pasta decided to join Roshambo and Domino on the beach for some R&R. Wild Bill is there, as well, he was kicked by a cyberbull and needs to heal up. They're having a little trouble in paradise, can't seem to get their margaritas with no salt..


They don't write very often anymore, but I know they are still out there having a blast. Occasionally Hodge or one of the other fur pals will wander back to host my Facebook page for a while, as my profile pic, although I admit lately my Pet Society pet has been taking that spot just as often. I posted some pics on Roshambo's birthday, and I'm sure he had a great time. I haven't dug through and posted my old GoPets pics as often as I thought I would. Every time I post, there be a few people who like it but always some who say it makes them sad, and I don't really want to make people sad. So that hasn't been a big motivation for me to spend time digging through my hundreds of screenshots. There's still some fan art I'd like to do, but I've completely fallen out of the habit of drawing, and I don't have a graphics program I like anymore, either. So we'll see if I ever get into it again.

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Where are they now? Empty Re: Where are they now?

Post by Gankaku on Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:29 pm

omg it's sad that you can't post pictures of GoPets pets because it makes others sad. Sad That makes me want to cry!
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Where are they now? Empty Re: Where are they now?

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