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GoPets Private Server?

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GoPets Private Server? Empty GoPets Private Server?

Post by Jessicat on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:11 pm

Right now I'm currently following a group on Discord that are reviving an old MMO game that has since shut down it's official Japanese server a year or two ago. I wonder if it would be possible for Gopets to be revived this way, with its own private server? I don't know how to break down the install files into source code and work through it, but maybe these files would help someone who does?

Old Install Files (Gopets Client) -!do4h3ZQK!eq5RtHXCdJQ9H_PEj5eEz0Hxkm_MgvnkZGVZqFbBZrg

Old Install Files (GoDance 1&2 only, no PuzzleSmash) -!lkAVhKgL!2z4ajCYTylM_DHn38gDls2N1Cvx9ZsXPXxfBZ2Pxsbg

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GoPets Private Server? Empty Re: GoPets Private Server?

Post by Gankaku on Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:57 pm

Hi there!

I was missing GoPets today and poking around at what images can be googled. I try not to look at individual pet's pretty painful. Sad

This would be a great idea, what you've posted. I don't know if it could be done. I know Erik had the original game server. However, I think (if I'm not mistaken?) the code and business and everything was sold to Zynga, of course, Who of course did nothing with it.

Wouldn't that be fun if it could be revived again. I miss my kitties and doggies so much.

Well it's nice to see some people are still posting here.
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