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Party Town tips!

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Party Town tips! Empty Party Town tips!

Post by Asynjur on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:02 pm

Everything in the game seems expensive, and when I started it seemed impossible to earn coins. But after looking for info, and playing around with it for a week, I've found some tricks. Feel free to post questions at the end.

Save icon - The game autosaves, but if you're about to log off or if you've just done something important, you might want to save it to make sure you don't lose your progress. The Save icon looks like an old fashion floppy disk, it's in the upper right corner.

Log in every day

The day turns over 6:00 pm US Eastern Standard Time (midnight in Paris). Logging in daily is the only way to slowly earn diamonds, and you get other bonuses. Also, you only have 24 hours to accept free gifts sent to you, so you need to log in and accept those. Read on to understand why free gifts are important!

Relaxed red tea

Request the Relaxed red tea gift from all your friends every day. Also, Send the free Relaxed red tea gift to all your friends every day. Use the teas to load the Wheel of fortune.

Wheel of fortune

Clck on the Wheel of fortune icon. Then click on the Relaxed red teas in your inventory, use the + if you have more than 1 to recycle. Click the green check mark on the right, to load the wheel with points. (Don't hit the red button yet!) Repeat for any other items in your inventory you'd like to recycle. Before you hit the red button and spin the wheel, make sure you're up to at least the "1" on the bar. Actually, if you can, wait until you get up to "2" on the bar. You can close the Wheel with the red X at the top, and come back later and put in more points, over and over, until you're ready to spin. You usually win coins or lucky points, but sometimes you win a prize. The lucky points are needed to open mystery boxes.


On the top left of the screen, right below your pet's level, is a little scroll icon. This gives you quests, called Missions, with extra rewards. You usually need to do one Mission, for the next one to show up. So if you want the rewards from quests, do them before the rest of your routine. Otherwise you might not be able to, for example, if you get a quest to play an arcade game, but you've used up all your plays for the day. You won't be able to complete that Mission, so it won't give any more until tomorrow.

Along with the simple quests, there may be a long term quest or two that will take time, or you won't want to do it at all. Also, there are some inconsistencies. For example, it may ask you to play the arcade game Nightfall. But there is no game with that name, it's actually called Perilous Platforms. And in the Mission to talk to a pedestrian, you may have to talk to several before you find one who gives you 3 coins (which you may not realized is required). So if you have questions, just ask.

Visiting Friends Daily

Choose an action when you first visit (dance, fight, etc.)

Click the Compliment (until you run out of compliments for the day)

Check the love garden on the right side of the house, if they have one. There might be a colorful pot you can click to give them one of your blessings (until you've reached your limit), or a little pink heart you can click for a gift for yourself.

Before visiting, I like to buy Steam bun from the food shop, and Feather and Honey soap from the Supermarket, then use those to bring up the status bars if a pet has low bars.

While you're there, you can also take out trash from every room (see below).

Take out the trash

You can look through every room of your own house, and of other people's houses, for banana peels, apple cores, trash bags, and poo (ick!) to click and make coins. Trash shows up at random times, it isn't just once a day like the other visiting activities. You don't need to scroll over as you check each room, if there is trash it shows up in the first part of the room.

Work in someone's garden

Click on the Scarecrow in a friend's garden or Pet Baby's garden. You get 3 options to help, they all give the same reward. You need to leave your pet there for 1 hour, but you don't have to stay logged in.

If I do nothing else with the gardens, I try to remember to start working in Pet Baby's garden before I log out. When I log back in, any time as long as it's over an hour later, I leave the garden and get 400 coins. (There's a sharing thing to post first. Then it always needs to reload when you try to leave again, must be a bug, but you will get the coins when you reload.)

You can do Pet Baby's garden once a day. Friend's gardens are 200 coins, you can do 2 of those a day. If you leave your pet in a friend's garden, they could take 100 of the coins if they find your pet still working after the hour is up. Sometimes I leave my pet in my husband's garden so it won't matter, lol.

Lollipop Tree

The lollipop tree and the pea are good to grow and sell the fruit to store for coins.


There are 3 mini games. The Arcade icon is the farthest to the right of the shop icons. You can play each game 5 times every day. Definitely worth it if you enjoy them. Even if you're bad at it, it's good to play when a game shows up in a Mission because of the extra reward just for doing it.

The stores

It is easier to view the stores, scroll or click the little bar at the bottom to fast forward. Often the most useful items a new user can afford are near the end.

To decorate without your pet getting in the way, click the eye icon in the upper right corner, and then open your storage chest.

Check the Party Town feed, for links to help people and collect rewards for yourself


This is not complete, but it will get you started. I've been meaning to write more advanced tips but haven't gotten around to it. XD


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Party Town tips! Empty Re: Party Town tips!

Post by Asynjur on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:05 pm

Party Town Whack a Pet (AKA Whack a Mole) Tips!

I've gotten pretty good at this. My highest score is 197. So here are my tips!

* Choose a pet with a large wig, or wings; it has a larger area that counts as a hit. When I first heard about this and tried it, it added an average of 20 more whacks to my score.

* I also pick a pet without sunglasses. The eye animation makes it obvious when you've gotten a hit.

* Sit up comfortably, and make sure you're all ready to go--your mouse has enough room, nothing sticky on the mouse pad, etc.

* Don't hit the +2 coins. They aren't counted as hits or misses. Concentrate on the pet. (There are a lot easier ways to get 2 coins!)

* Hit the pets in the order they come up. Don't hit a closer one first if it didn't come up next--this will kill you when the pace speeds up.

* Don't give up when the speed increases! This is exactly when the prize shows up. I've gotten the pet with my last mallet, so keep trying.

* You will only get 1 chance at a prize out of your 5 free games. The prize will show up between 60 and 80 whacks.

* Don't despair! If you see the prize, but don't manage to hit it. That means you're getting good enough, so keep trying and you will win it one day soon. :0)

One more tip--if you see the prize but don't manage to hit it, close the game quick!!! If you manage to get it closed, you'll get another try at that game, and it will have the prize again.


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