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My Games Today

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Post by Gankaku on Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:22 pm

Wanfax needs a ban! --- to the administrator

I got a Kindle earlier in the year and have been playing a lot of casual games there.

* I like word games. Even though I've not been on Facebook for over a year (until today) I could enter it from my tablet and play Words With Friends. Also a great new one is Wordly.

* CrossMe Color - excellent pictocross color game

*Fairy Farm - I really like this. It takes a lot for me to spend money on casual games. I just purchased from this one. Excellent farming game so far. Very happy with it.

* Monster Pet Shop - raise pets and sell them for money. Do it again and again. You can favorite your best and go visit them regularly.

Plenty of others I pick at but these are the nicest ones I've been doing.

Also back to playing Skyrim on the PC, and have been playing a bit of Rift.

What's everyone else been doing?

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