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Post by Gankaku on Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:56 pm

Just wanted to let you all know that I've been playing EverQuest 2x (Sony Online Entertainment) for about two months now. I like it better than any other MMO I've tried. I never wanted to try it because I thought it was just questing forever on end (boring!) I had one idea of what it would be, but when I tried it I found it was something else.

The main draw for me to try it is that they have in-game housing. I think alot of you GoPets folks who loved decorating would love this game.

* You get a whole house full of furniture by level 20.
* You get up to 10 houses (right now). Some can be in-game houses and some can be purchased with Station Cash (those ones are mostly big, arena types)
* You get furniture as quest rewards in particular areas of the game. Irontoe Brigade gives gnome-wood types, Isle of Mara gives asian-themed stuff.
* Festivals all the time -- once a month, plus grotto (go into caves and do simple quests for tokens to buy floor tiles, etc.) plus more
* Faction - do quests, gain faction, buy furniture
* Repeatables - some repeatable quests for things like cups, dining ware
* I'm sure there's more, that's all I know right now since I'm not high level yet

This is the first game I have not thought much about leveling. I'm level 51 on my main fairy and I maybe started her a month and a half ago? I've been taking my time with her, mostly questing and exploring the game.

If you like crafting, it's amazing in this game. You don't just set it to craft 30 of an item and let it go. You have to counter knots in your wood if you're woodworking, and knots in your yarn if tailoring! If you're in a guild there are PLENTY of crafting materials free to use, and you can easily get your crafting up to your level and beyond, and can wear the best gear you can craft at all times.

You can have appearance gear overtop of your real gear. Hides that ugly set that you're wearing with great stats!

They introduced recently some amazing mounts - leapers and gliders. Leapers are raptors that you can jump to ridiculous heights on. Very lovely for questing and you can get them at level 30 (so quick!)

There's some really awesome stuff in the game (very amazing that your character can see themselves and their background in a mirror in their house - is a good reflection!) Sometimes my jaw just drops when I see some of the stuff in this game.

Anyway I just wanted to tell you guys all about it, and maybe some of you would like to try it -- it's been free to play for about 6 or more months now. There are various levels but I have silver (one time small payment) and it's all I need right now. I might buy gold once in awhile to do certain things, but on a tight budget free or silver is good enough for almost anyone.

If you want to try it, please look me up - my fairy fury is Faeliel, and I have a necromancer Nymalene. You should be able to find me on one of those two and can message me to say hi if you like! My necro is in a very nice non-raiding crafting guild, with mature folks who just like to chat about crafting and house decorating. Smile Would welcome you folks!
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