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Develop group buying platforms to make profit

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Develop group buying platforms to make profit Empty Develop group buying platforms to make profit

Post by Dennzil on Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:00 am

Perhaps the biggest change that savvy shoppers have experienced in the past two years is the arrival of a plethora of daily deal websites like Groupon, with countless number of attractive offers. Daily deals websites like Groupon , Woot and Living Social focus mainly on local businesses, and give the public a deal from them per day. The concept is very simple. Daily deal mails will be emailed to registered users every day, through which they can know about fantastic money saving deals, like a discount coupon to buy a product or go to a favorite restaurant. If enough people but that deal, it goes through, and you can gain about 50-90% profit on getting the coupon from such group buying platforms .

If you are looking for profitable business options, the best one is to develop daily deal group buying platforms. According to a leading business magazine, daily deal group buying platforms like Groupon are expected to amass about $3 billion in revenue this year. By the end of 2015 the market this is expected to reach $4 billion. Groupon, industry leader of daily deal websites, has been listed by Forbes as one of the fastest growing companies of all time. These statements are powerful enough to show the growing fame and demand for daily deal websites. Now, everyone has started wishing for a part of that pie. Groupon's success has inspired a lot of companies to develop similar group buying platforms. A lot of websites and apps with more or less ‘Groupon like’ looks and feel can be found online now.

Those who are looking for creative ideas to expand your online business can work on developing group buying platforms. The thrill of getting deeply discounted deals will definitely woo the customers beyond explanation, making them come back for more.


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