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Petpet Park

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Petpet Park Empty Petpet Park

Post by niquae on Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:20 am

I just discovered Petpet Park. Sounds familiar? One of its creators is Neopets - and it is based on Neopets. Smile

It seems rather cute. You choose a petpet and that petpet becomes your avatar - of sorts. You walk around in a world kind of like Fiesta Online and similar MMO/MMORPG games, hunt for NPC's who give out quests. So far, I've only played it for half an hour.

You need to earn Petpet Points or whatever they are called to purchase things for customization. You earn those points by completing quests and playing mini-games. I was a bit reluctant at first because most games are boring and simple and the same kind of games you tend to find anywhere. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the first quest which required you to play a game was to play Peggle. I like Peggle. There is also Harvesting, apparently. That is the 2nd quest but I logged out before doing it. There is also a daily gift that another NPC gives out, apparently, just like Neopets's Advent Calendar. Speaking of which, I might want to go pick it up on NP.

If you have a Neopets account (or even if you don't), you could check it out. I joined the Rainbow server. I do not know whether one can change servers.

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