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So, I was busy with studies and I couldn't log on.

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So, I was busy with studies and I couldn't log on.

Post by Kendra on Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:38 am

What happened to GoPets!?


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Re: So, I was busy with studies and I couldn't log on.

Post by Asynjur on Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:25 pm

Oh, my, where to start! It closed back in November. About a year before that, I forget exactly when, Erik had to let go of all the staff in Korea, moved back to the US, and ran it with just him and his wife for a while. Then he got a few other people to help. He ran GoPets on a shoestring as a side project, as his new team worked for other companies for more income. But he couldn't cover all the expenses for GoPets, like the servers, with the income he was getting from GoPets at that time. So he had to give it up. The userbase was shrinking for various reasons, I won't go into that here, some conflicting opinions about why. The users still with the program were very loyal, but the userbase just wasn't big enough to keep it going.

So Erik announced last October, that GoPets would be closing in the beginning of November. He sold the rights to the GoPets name to Zynga, as part of a deal to have his team work for them on their various Facebook games like Mafia Wars and Petville. But Zynga isn't planning to develop GoPets.

However, Erik has it written into the contract that he has the right to buy GoPets back. And he still plans to buy it, the last time someone asked him which wasn't long ago. He's just waiting until he works up enough money. He kept all the code for the program, he still has our accounts and pets. So, we'll see what happens.

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